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Welcome to the Links page

Arctic Decals collaborates with several friends running other ”cottage industry” businesses. This collaboration is very useful. Why not to check these sites (the titles act as links) - you will probably find many interesting subjects to buy!

Lima November Decals

Ruben Husberg, a keen, long time airliner modeller from Norway runs LN-Decals. Their objective is to provide the modeller with high quality decals for Norwegian airliners and other aircraft on the Norwegian civil register, as well as some Danish and Swedish subjects.

Vingtor Decals

Nils Matthisrud runs Vingtor Decals. He is also a Norwegian modeller and aviation enthusiast. The main focus is Norwegian military aircraft, but Nils also has a great interest in prototypes, demonstrators, research and development aircraft and also WWII BOAC aircraft. Vingtor Decals FB site is here:

Aircraft In Miniature Limited is a small family business, run by Neil Gaunt, producing unusual scale models. Their products are 1:72 multi-media kits of large airliners or transport aircraft (TRANSPORT WINGS), 1:72 metal kits of pioneer and vintage aircraft (HISTORIC WINGS) 1:72 resin kits (RUG RAT RESINS KITS) and Ground Equipment kits in 1:144, 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32.

Martin Decarli produces some very nice 1/72 resin kits of general aviation aircraft. Decarli Models' FB site is here:

Dekno Models is run by Albert Serra - they produce 1/72 resin kits of aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation (the era between the wars). Dekno models' FB site can be reached here:

Greg Drawbaugh runs DRAW Decal who focus on airliner decals that normally would not be popular enough to justify mass producing. There are also many other interesting civil subjects in this range.

This website, run by Rob Mulder, is dedicated to the history of European airlines from the humble beginnings following WW1 until 1945. Rob has also published a lot of very interesting books about the civilian aviation subjects from that era. And the FB site:

Lars Opland runs Khee-Kha Art Products who produce good and workable vacuform and resin 1:72 kits of the long-neglected workhorses from the Golden Age of Aviation.

Matias Hagen is a very talented modeller from Argentina, producing very high quality resin models. Also you can check his FB site at