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Welcome to the Gallery page

Here you can see photos of the models built by modellers who have used Arctic Decals products.

1/72 Lockheed L.18 Lodestar Karhumäki Airways, model by Rico Christmann.

1/72 Piper Super Cub, model by Keith Hudson.

1/72 DC-3 Air Veteran, model by Marco Risso.

Saab 340 Finnaviation, F-27 Finnair and Caravelle III Finnair, 1/72 scale models by Mikael Blomberg.

1/144 DC-3 Karhumäki Airways, model by Jyrki Keto-Tokoi.

Scratchbuilt 1/72nd Arup S-4 in Sears Roebuck advertisement livery, model by Mr Gabriel Stern.

1/72 scale Vickers 66 Vimy Commercial, model built by Peter Ibes.

1/72 scale Comper Swift, built by Keith Hudson.

1/72 scale Breda 33, built by Mr Gabriel Stern.

1/72 scale DH 82A Tiger Moth by Ole Kjensmo.

1/72 scale Junkers G24 and F13 of Aero Oy, built by Matti Saivila.

1/72 scale Rust's Turbo Otter built by Michel Leonardi.

1/48 American Stinson SR-9C built by Paul Crawley.

1/48 Texaco Stinson SR-9 built by Hugh Beyt.

1/72 scale Sopwith Pup racer by Gabriel Stern

1/72 scale Heston-Napier Racer by Christian Breuning.

1/72 scale Waco YKS-6 Ellis Air Transport by Rob Probert.

1/72 scale Autocar Esso refueller by Karl Leclerc.

1/72 scale Breguet XIX Cuatro Vientos by Dan Hayward.

1/72 scale Finnair DC-3 by Martin Hronsky.

1/72 scale Darmstadt D18 model by Gabriel Stern.

1/72 scale West Wind Aviation Beech 1900C and 1900D models by Chris Parsons.

1/72 scale Hawker Hart racer by Gabriel Stern.

1/72 scale Ford Texaco tanker, converted from Zis-5 tanker by Peter Ibes.

1/72 scale Instone Air Line DH.4A built by Peter Ibes.

1/76 scale Fordson Thames 7V Shell tanker scratcbuilt by Mr Vintage Jet from the Netherlands.