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General information

Arctic Decals is a small ”one-man-band” waterslide decal producer, with the focus mainly on out-of-mainstream civil aircraft subjects.

Because of very small printing runs, decals are printed with laser, UV-ink and ALPS printers. The process depends on the colours and quantity of the sets required.

Many of the decal sets also include pre-cut self-adhesive vinyl or Kabuki (that yellow ”Tamiya”-tape type) painting masks.

Arctic Decals also produces occasionally bespoke 'custom made' decals for those who need unique decals (check the gallery page to see some projects). It is also possible to order decals of Arctic Decals' range rescaled and printed in other scales.

Some decals are easier to rescale (fully laser printed ones), but specially those needing white/metallics take more time to modify. These are special orders, and thus the prices depend on the needed time for the work and used printing method.
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