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General information

Arctic Decals is a small ”one-man-band” waterslide decal producer, with the focus mainly on obscure, out-of-mainstream civil aircraft subjects.

Because of very small print runs, decals are printed with a laser printer, UV-ink printer or an ALPS printer. The process depends on the colours and quantity of the sets required.

Many of the decal sets also include pre-cut self-adhesive vinyl or Kabuki (that yellow ”Tamiya”-tape type) painting masks.

Arctic Decals also produces occasionally bespoke 'custom' decals for those who need unique decals (check the gallery page to see some projects). It is also possible to order decals of Arctic Decals' range printed in other scales. For further information, just contact via email at

Ordering information

Use the lists/categories to select the items you would like to order, add them in your shopping cart and proceed with the instructions. Handling/shipping costs are not included in the order form. After sending the order form, you will be contacted within 24 hours (usually after few hours) and provided with the grand total price including the shipping costs and account information for the SEPA bank transfer. If choosing Paypal for the payment method, you will be sent a Paypal invoice. If you do not receive any reply, please just contact with me via email at This is because sometimes my web site provider has malfunctions and do not forward the order forms into my mailbox.

The postage rates are shown below (< 50gr = normally one set + cardboard/envelope, < 100gr = 2-3 sets + cardboard/envelope, the weights of the sets vary a lot).

Europe Other countries
Weight max.g Priority Economy Priority Economy Priority Economy
50 1.60 - 2.40 2.30 3.60 2.80
100 3.20 - 3.40
3.30 7.80 3.90
250 3.20 - 5.20 4.90 12.70 6.90
500 6.40 - 8.70 7.90 21.50 11.90

Note: Delivery times can vary a lot depending on stock levels. When using Economy postage (formerly known as Surface Mail) the delivery time may be quite long. It has normally taken 4-8 weeks for an Economy letter to arrive USA or Canada, so prepare to be patient, please. Surprisingly many Economy mailed letters to USA have been lost, so it is highly recommended for American customers to select Priority postage. Unfortunately the Finnish Post offers a tracking service (at extra cost) only for European countries (and not even all of them).

Orders can be paid either by PayPal (+ 5% fee of total and postage, free on orders over 65 EUR) or SEPA-bank transfer (free of fee) to my account. SEPA-bank transfer is recommended for European customers living in countries belonging to the SEPA area, account information will be supplied when you order. Arctic Decals do not accept credit or debit cards. All prices are in Euros.

To get an idea about the prices in other currencies, here is a link to a currency converter site.

Decal application

These decals are printed on decal paper where the carrier film covers the complete sheet, so each decal need to be cut out separately. They do not have a sealing coat. UV-ink printed decals are tough and easy to handle and do not generally need to be clear coated prior to use. Laser and ALPS-printed decals are very fragile, soft and will easily scratch. For example, long cheatline decals can curl and break very easily, so it might be a good idea to apply a thin layer of clear acrylic coat (Microscale Liquid Decal Film for example), over the bigger/longer laser and ALPS decal parts prior to use to make the handling easier. Use care when applying the decals as the decal carrier film is very thin.

It is important to apply the decals on a smooth, glossy surface to get the best results. Semi-matt or matt finish under the decal film will cause "silvering" effect (tiny micro size air bubbles trapped under the cecal film being slightly visible).

Cut out each decal with sharp scissors. Dip the decal in warm water (it is recommended to add a couple of drops of washing-up liquid to the water). Do this for 5 to 10 seconds, then remove it from the water and let it sit for about a minute.

If you leave the decal in the water for a longer time, this can cause more of the adhesive to dissolve, which can prevent the decal from adhering properly and also increase the risk of silvering. Do not move the decal on the backing paper too much to avoid tearing the film or removing the adhesive. Do not let the decal float off of the backing paper.

Normal decal setting solutions can be used with these decals. They will work with the laser and ALPS printed decals but have little effect on UV-ink printed decals. If using the setting solution liquids it is recommend to use Microscale's Micro Set (a wetting agent) and Micro Sol (a solvent).

The area where the decal is to be applied should be kept level. Brush water (mix of water and washing-up liquid) and the Micro Set directly on your model before sliding the decal into position. Beware, the decal will stick rapidly on the model if you use only Micro Set without water on the model surface, so slide it very gently. After sliding the decal into position soak up the excess liquid. Specially for UV-ink printed decals; if using setting solution liquids, apply a thin coat of Micro Sol (the solvent) before sliding the decal on the model to soften the clear carrier. It is important to get the Micro Sol under the UV-ink printed decal, as the solvent has little effect on that type of ink, but it will dissolve the clear carrier which allows the decal to dig into the paint. After this coat dries, apply a second heavier coat of Micro Sol. Another method to try is to use a cloth soaked in hot water to press the UV-ink decal into place over rivets, panels lines and other contours. Heat is the best final option to make the UV-ink bend and conform; repeated applications of decal solvent will only wash away the glue.

Do NOT apply any strong solvent-based clear lacquer over these decals with a brush, as they will instantly dissolve. If you use a clear lacquer, apply it with an airbrush in very light, misting coats. It is recommended to use acrylic clear coat for this type of decals as a safer choice.

If you happen to ruin some of the decals when applying them, no worries; just contact with me to get spare parts.

Thank you for visiting Arctic Decals’ website!